11467 Huebner Rd |Ste 175 | San Antonio TX 78230| Phone: 210.602.2322

        We are Together United Inc, bringing together people of different communities to provide, lasting change and hope to people who deal with financial hardship. We come together to support, encourage, and inspire while instilling faith and hope in one another to positively change the outcomes of one’s life. It is our mission to improve lives by coming together and providing innovative programming, and guidance for people who battle with physical and health challenges. In addition we strive in helping and providing opportunities for those who are economically challenged making a commitment for the greater good.
      Together United Inc. organization is an registered recognized 501(c)(3)   which we strive to create leaders and make a positive difference in people lives by providing financial assistance for one’s need. In addition we provide assistance with co-payments, insurance payments, transportation, medical treatment, chemo therapy, physical therapy, academic assistance, medical debt, after school programs assistance  financial assistance for prescriptions, donation for food, clothes, shoes, and access to different programs that will benefit them and their family.
     Together United will host support groups, educational seminars and fundraising events for t-shirts and wristbands for people interested in becoming members of our organization, and supporting the cause of helping others. We will also provide fitness and nutrition sessions and Our leadership team will reach out to individuals, Universities, High Schools, Hospitals and medical facilities and work with other non-profit organizations. Together United will host family events to allow the community to come out and meet the founders and leadership team, as well other people who are receiving the same help. This opportunity will allow the community to come together and connect with one another making lifetime friendships.

Together United Inc.